Conference table PABLO

Universal, solid tables with a simple structure and a classic conference appearance. Produced in various sizes from 60 x 60 cm, they can be used as a complement to the equipment of a given facility or as its base. Tables are available in three colour options of the floor protectors and 100 colours of the tops. The standard thickness of the top is 18 mm, the periphery of PCV is 2 mm.


– Rugged steel rack with a closed profile ensures durability and practicality.
– Possibility to create different layouts of arrangement of the tables.
– Cross-section of the frame in the shape of a circle or a square.


– Different sizes and shapes allow you to adjust the perfect set of tables.
– Possibility to choose the width of the table legs – 30 mm, 40 mm, or 40 cm.
– More than 100 colours of tabletops to choose from.


– We guarantee fast delivery times.
– Delivery to any place in Poland.
– Possibility to choose the colour of the tabletop from 100 different dyeings.

Manufacturing site
Tabletop template
D2841 BS

D375 SE


U112 PE

D9310 SE

D722 SE

D9300 PE

D381 SE

D2840 PR

D2605 MT

D2460 MT

D2427 BS

D2380 PR

D2419 PR

D2361 PR

D2360 BS

D2298 MT

D2227 BS

D1923 SE

D1972 SE

D1625 PE


D775 SE

D664 SE

D440 SE

D495 PE


D 3025

D2226 BS

D3159 WG

D2381 PR

D9476 BS

D9451 SE

D9450 PR

D9311 PR

D9201 PR

D9310 SE

D9116 SE

D9103 PR

D8568 WG

D8567 WG

D3055 PR

Frame template