We offer high quality flexible SLIMTEX cover in white, which adjusts to the different shapes of chairs. The SLIMTEX cover does not require ironing, which provides a huge time-saving. The high weight of fabric: 250 g/m2 guarantees the highest quality of the product.

It is an ideal solution for wedding halls and banquet rooms. Aesthetic and tasteful banquet chair covers will add an elegant and dignified appearance to any room. The covers are made from the finest materials, they are thoroughly checked at every stage of production, so you could receive the highest quality of the textiles.


– Fabric: PES, spandex
– Type: soft, matt,
– Stain-resistance: no
– Weave: linen, simple
– Weight: 250g/m2
– Colour: white


– The finest materials and a constant control during production.
– Washing already at 40 degrees, without the use of the specialized powders.
– High resistance to creases.
– Easy ironing.


– Excellent and fresh look in banquet rooms.
– Constant availability.
– Possibility to create a cover according to your needs.