Banquet tables
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Stacking of the tables

Putting together the banquet and conference tables enables their stacking, that is placing one on the other. This feature saves a lot of space when they are stored and significantly facilitates their movement using dedicated trolleys. The tables are stackable up to 25 pieces. The complete base is absolutely flat, which maximizes the stability of the stack. Special security solutions protect the tabletops from the accidental scratches. Stacking of folding tables means convenience and space-saving.

Perfectly finished tabletops

The tabletops of our folding tables are processed using digitally controlled high-precision saws and new-generation edge badging machines. The perfect fitting of the rim with the board, its polished edges, and above all, durable, tight joint, created in the GLU JET technology provide the first-class aesthetics and high durability. We use reputable KRONOPOL laminated boards, as well as the solid PVC/ABS edges with a thickness of 2 mm perfectly matched to the colour. Such finishing of the tabletop is very elegant, durable and performs well in practice.

Adjustable floor protectors

Each table is equipped with adjustable floor protectors allowing it to fit to uneven floors. Floor protectors are made of special material enriched with soft rubber, which increases the impact resistance, protecting the table from bursting. Height adjustment of the table is possible in the range of 0-15 mm. The banquet and conference tables produced by our company are very stable, and the adjustable extension of the floor protectors allows you to use this feature fully in practice.