Banquet chairs

Durability of the paint coating has a decisive influence on the look of the chair. In extensive use, it is easy to chip the legs. To reduce this risk to a minimum, in the ALICANTE banquet chairs we use a three-layer painting of the frame. This technology not only provides a very elegant look but also protects it from scratches.


Banquet chairs must be durable. The type and quality of the components used in the chair production have a various impact on it. As a standard, we use high quality components in MEXTRA, and for even better results we add to the chairs a special strengthening crossbeam, which definitely strengthens the structure of the chair, making it very durable. A robust design not only extends the life of the chair, but also ensures the security of your customers.


We use comfortable and durable seats in our banquet chairs. We create them from a heat-formed polyurethane foam which does not sag, remaining permanently high and resilient. The foam quality also affects the stability of the seat upholstery, keeping it constantly tense, without exposing it to abrasions. Such a seat is also very comfortable, making even the long hours of sitting pleasant.