A universal plastic clip enables to attach the valances to the tables without having to stick the top. Clips are durable and do not break during long-term use. Owing to a special spring, you can use them with the tables of various thickness.

Dodatki Klips

A braid is ideal to add the charm and elegant appearance to the chair cover. Different types and colours of braids give you the unique chance to complement the decor of a hall or a restaurant.

Dodatki Szamerunek
Large bow

Large decorative bows complement the offer of the banquet chair covers. We offer you white bows, pinned with a safety pin. They are perfect for lavish celebrations and banquets, making the covers even more beautiful.

Dodatki Kokarda duża
Small bow

A small bow is a great addition to the offer of the chair covers. Beautiful white bows add even more elegance and style to the covers, and the fixing with a safety pin is unobtrusive and does not spoil the overall image of the cover. Bows are ideal for weddings and banquets.

Dodatki Kokarda mała